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Our Business

Business Interests


The Group’s independently managed subsidiaries are flexible and quickly respond to market changes by leaning heavily on technology.

Strategic Business Model

Ways in which we extend our impact and influence in society

Business Model

Interven employs the most basic structural models in providing business and services to clients and stakeholders. The subsidiaries are self-contained units with their own operations, finance, and human resource functions allowing them to respond to local competitive conditions and develop locally responsive strategies. The model helps the conglomerate to create a tight bond amongst the subsidiaries at the same time maintaining independent relationships between the geographically dispersed companies.

New Ventures

For most of our ventures, we prefer forming new businesses that can be formed with a plan and expectation that financial gain will follow. We provide support to start-up companies and small businesses that we believe to have long-term growth potential. We provide services for the development of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) whose main goal is to generate a positive environmental or social change within their own communities. All our new companies are created on the basis of new value creation. As the business gets off its feet, additional investors may become involved by providing support and capital to expand the development and marketing of the venture.


Interven is in the process of expanding its stakeholder base and aspiring to be the largest investor-owned private organisation dedicated to providing quality service to millions of customers and shareholders. We welcome stakeholders with great ideas to cooperate with us in an effort to advance mutual interests through a pooling of resources for better provision of services.

The partners can be individuals, businesses, interest-based organisations, schools, governments, or combinations. Interven invests in businesses that can create value where possible and deliver cash flow generation over the long term. This involves the acquisition of meaningful interests in companies and sound management and leadership are important investment criteria. We prefer unlisted investments in South Africa and other African countries.

Before we enter into partnerships, there are several factors that we look at which include but are not limited to the culture and ethics of the management team, expected return on investment, the environmental footprint of the enterprise, and the prospective partners’ value for people and change. Although Interven can hire and fire managers of companies it owns, the managers are ultimately responsible for their own respective operations. The most important function of IAG as the holding company is the allocation of capital ensuring that the best people manage the businesses we invest in.

The partnerships may take the form of Mergers & Acquisitions of underperforming but promising companies

In this instance, Interven enters into joint control of underperforming but promising companies buying whole or part of the companies. This is done by providing financial support to SME entrepreneurs or a company’s key development impact objective that is facilitated or unlocked by the capital provided. We believe business mergers may give Interven a chance to grow its market share and value creation cost-effectively to improve individuals and organisational quality of life. The idea is to increase the likelihood of each achieving their mission and to amplify their reach through holding equities in Interven, joint ventures, or by contracts.

Direct Investments

As the custodian of large amounts of stakeholders’ funds, our company seeks a number of investment opportunities to ensure the constant growth of these funds. In order to safeguard stakeholders’ investments, apart from the expansion of business operations, we also invest in fixed property.

How We Push Boundaries//

Its more than just Business

[In the race towards greater digitalization and AI, the key is staying relevant by keeping abreast of the latest developments in your field.

Interven is here to help you do just that. Let us together push boundaries in pursuit of excellence.]

Our Companies

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    Interven Group's professional Training hub

    INTERVEN CAPACITY BUILDING INSTITUTE [ICBI] is Interven Group’s professional training hub, founded on the need to continuously capacitate and enhance the skills of professional and technical persons in government, Parastatals, NGOs, the private sector, and all other development based institutions. The institute offers programmes that are tailored along various industrial lines taking cognisance of the dynamic nature of challenges encountered when adopting participatory methodologies. Offerings include workshops, conferences, panel/open forum discussions, and seminars that address essential employee development needs. Visit website <>

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    Southern Africa's leading Logistics Partner

    Interven Logistics ( caters to consumers’ ever-growing demand for high-quality delivery and e-commerce experience. It facilitates the transportation of a variety of general cargo and the movement of people. The focus is mainly on transportation of consumer and industrial goods within Southern Africa. The division, through its various means and processes, not only focus on the transportation and delivery of goods but also the storage, handling, inventory, packaging, retail (including food and various other aspects

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    Interven Group's Assisted Insurance Services Company

    Interven Quali Life is a leading multi-disciplinary healthcare, wellness, and medico-legal company operating in full compliance with the statutory councils regulating health and allied professions. We have multi-disciplinary medical and non-medical expertise utilising research-based intervention techniques to improve the emotionally fulfilling aspects of human quality of life

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