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Welcome to Interven Group//

A dynamic, research-driven, multi-service consortium

Interven Group’s interests span include skills development; healthcare; advisory services, technology, and logistics. Interven is known for its rich international experience and a mutual gains approach to doing business, providing customized smart interventions. Our continued success is rooted in understanding and employing positive, adaptive, and creative research-based techniques.

Our Footprints

Interven Group has grown into a brand with representation and footprints across Africa. In our continuous efforts to be a service provider of choice, we have provided and continue to offer our services to small, medium, and large public and private companies in Southern Africa.

There is hope – if we adopt the right mindset.

At Interven we see change, not as a threat, but as an opportunity for growth. Our philosophy hinges on the wellbeing of the individual and the community. We strongly believe that education, training, and awareness can inspire us to create a more equitable and sustainable society for the future. Furthermore, by preparing an engaged and dynamic working generation, we can ride the changes as they come. We can also move closer to our vision of the best way to mobilise human, organisational, and community resources.

We exist for Disruption and Innovation

Our focus is on creating and maintaining agile and flexible teams of the future that are not constrained by the traditional office structure but work where and how they want. Interven continuously develops expertise, devise new ways of doing things and new products forcing our companies and subsidiaries to look outside their traditional labour supply to external partners and contractors.

Interven Group is commited to lifelong learning.

We Create and Innovate

We Push Boundaries to the Limits

Business that flex as your needs evolve


Mutual Gains
Involved & Hands-on
Social & Public Value

Keeping Up With the Trends but Not Letting Go Off the Foundations